environmentEnviroCare specializes in Environmental Resource Permitting. Our projects vary from residential docking facilities to the complete design, development and redevelopment of commercial marinas and boatyards. We recognize that every permitting project is different, providing its own unique challenges. EnviroCare works with its clients and other contracting disciplines to coordinate with the appropriate environmental and permitting agencies to address each of these projects on an individual basis. By identifying the permitting strategy that targets each client’s goals, EnviroCare can assist in minimizing permitting time and costs. EnviroCare also has extensive experience in finding solutions to protect and mitigate if necessary natural resources. EnviroCare has assisted its clients in seeking proactive solutions to a wide variety of permitting challenges from mangrove mitigation projects to marina redevelopment projects.

Permitting & Compliance Services

EnviroCare offers a full range of permitting services for many industries. The need for permits can be assessed through an Operational Audit or through operational knowledge obtained from a description of facility activities and quantitative data.

EnviroCare also assists companies in preparing responses to notices of violations that may be handed down by various environmental agencies. EnviroCare takes steps to fully understand the client’s business and compares their alleged enforceable actions with applicable environmental policies, rules and regulations. EnviroCare then presents this information at a settlement conference between the agency and the client. EnviroCare has been successful in implementing solutions and reducing fines.

Site Assessments & Remediation Services 

EnviroCare's Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are performed in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials practices. These practices are designed to satisfy requirements in order to qualify for the Innocent Landowner Defense to CERCLA liability, and include thorough visual inspections of the site, extensive review of official files, aerial photographs and historical documentation, and interviews with government officials and other relevant people. Where a more definitive investigation is warranted, EnviroCare provides precise soil and water analysis through our Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.

When necessary, Phase III activities can include excavation, dredging, groundwater cleanup, asbestos removal and abatement, among others. EnviroCare establishes the target clean-up standards necessary to achieve site closure and provides verification-sampling data to demonstrate that the clean-up levels have been reached.

EnviroCare expertise includes preparing restricted covenants where cleanup standard cannot be achieved because of cost or practicality. Examples of projects where these types of measures have been granted by state and local regulatory bodies include major airports,, golf courses and several marinas and boatyards.

Operational Environmental Audits

Operational Audits are designed to identify a facility’s compliance with Environmental Regulations and Laws. EnviroCare personnel review the facility’s utilization of industry specific Best Management Practices and compliance with permitting requirements including, but not limited to, hazardous materials, storm water, air and storage tanks.