Marine Services

Our marine services range from Design, Engineering, Permitting, and Project Development of waterfront facilities to general facility compliance, spill and emergency planning, waste stream analysis and employee training.


Environmental Consulting

With a strong knowledge of local, state and federal environmental and natural resource regulations our services include Site Assessments, Remediation to Site Closure; Permitting and Regulatory Compliance.


Construction Management

Our experience in Construction Management includes a full range of multi-industry services that are focused primarily on maritime, marine and residential waterfront development.


Community Advocacy

To ensure change in the community produces positive outcomes, EnviroCare develops and supports fair solutions for all parties. Through advocacy we pursue outcomes where all parties win.


We Offer Solutions That Help Achieve Your Vision

EnviroCare specializes in helping individuals and companies achieve their visions through various projects. These projects range from residential docking facilities to commercial working waterfronts, marina and boatyard design, development, and redevelopment. EnviroCare recognizes that each permitting project is unique, presenting its own set of challenges. We collaborate with clients, stakeholders, and other contracting disciplines to coordinate with environmental and permitting agencies for individual project needs.

We identify and develop customized permitting strategies, adhering to industry-specific Best Management Practices that ensure compliance with related permitting requirements. Our proactive approach assists clients in overcoming permitting challenges while pursuing maximum environmental sustainability.