EnviroCare’s experienced staff is skilled in conducting and managing a broad range of construction and management services. The staff approaches each construction project with a thorough understanding of the projects permitting and safety requirements, environmental impacts, construction disciplines and completion time. Each element of the project is performed to minimize project cost and time, and to maximize project safety, efficiency and success. EnviroCare's strategy in managing and delivering the client a success project involves consistent and reliable communication throughout the project.

EnviroCare is a Florida-Licensed Certified Pollutant Storage System Contractor (PSSC), a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a Certified Building Contractor.

Services include:

  • Earth Work, Soil Management and Remediation
  • Dredging, Filling and Excavation
  • Demolition of In-Water and Upland Structures
  • Construction of Seawalls, Docks, Travellifts etc.
  • Dewatering, Treatment and Injection or Disposal of Groundwater
  • Site Restoration and Natural Resource Mitigation
  • Wastewater Treatment System Design, Installation and O & M 

Pollution Storage System and General Contractor

EnviroCare personnel are trained and experienced in the design and construction of custom remediation equipment, as well as the assembly of prefabricated systems for groundwater, vapor and soil extraction. To preserve the physical appearance and functionality of the site, we follow through on all installation and construction projects with care to preserve or restore the affected area.

EnviroCare’s experience includes utilization of heavy equipment to remove, screen, sift, replace, treat, and dispose contaminated soils as required to meet clean fill standards. Other remedial methods are also implemented, such as air sparging, bio-treatment and soil venting. All installation and construction work is followed up with a reliable maintenance program designed to fit client needs and meet regulatory requirements.

No matter what type of treatment is ultimately selected, EnviroCare provides many alternatives in coming up with the most cost-effective system to solve the issue. We are constantly searching for new ways to benefit our clients with existing and new technology. EnviroCare is a Florida-Licensed Certified Pollutant Storage System Contractor (PSSC).